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Catherine's Dress

Hi! It's me Domii again :D
So I tought Of Writing about the beautiful dress that Kate wore on her wedding.

You Can Fully see it there :D
I got to say she looked amazing :D
Anyway, The Designer is Sarah Burton the designer of high class Fashion house "McQueen" I bet many of you heard about it.
Every detail on the dress as it's own meaning- Did you notice the flowers at the bottom of the dress? Every single one of them has a meaning- that's why it's on the dress.

The Tiara is Queen Elizabeth's tiara that she wore on her wedding :]

So That's All For now I guess :D The Stardoll Fashion Post will be up soon ;]


Hello :]

Hi Everyone :D
I'm the new writer- Domii (xxDemi84xx)
And I'm going to be writing about Fashion & Doing "How-To-Wear" Posts ;D

So Hope You Enjoy REading them! The First post will be up as soon as possible.. :]

Make-up Turorial (Kate Middleton's Wedding Make-up)

1.       1. First apply the DOT mascara, and the DOT lengthener mascara.
2.       2. Apply some brown pencil eyeliner on the edge of both lids
3.        3. Now apply a bit of brown eye-shadow to the top lid (I used 2 eyeshadows, one pencil stick and then a powder as shown
4.       4. Now apply a small bit of blusher (pink and brown)
5.       5. Now just add some lipgloss and that’s you finished ;]

~ ~Olivia/fizzpixel

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding
Catherine Middleton’s dress has already made it to the front of Starplaza and the magazine on the front page. Yesterday the wedding was amazing, Her dress was beautiful , Sarah Burton designed it. Prince William now known as the Duke on Cambridge was dressed extremely well. I Have to say it was an amazing event that took place on the 29th of April 2011. This wedding will make history. 


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Summer outfit you can buy NOW!

Hey! It's Josee here, and I am just going to go through this basic Summer outfit I created in the Starplaza. Hope you enjoy it!

Glitter Tank Top-Rio-3SD. This top gives the outfit that sparkly affect, perfect for when in the sun as the -glitter reflects.
DIY Cut Off Shorts-Bizou-5SD. With these shorts, I think they underlayer the top perfectly and give the outfit that basic effect.
Stardoll Bangles-Stardoll-3SD. These bangles complete the color mix-match with the shiny metallic. Just that little detail makes the rest of the outfit complete.
Checked Tote Bag-Bizou-6SD. This checked bag gives that summer impression of going to the beach and goes well with the outfit.
Multi-Strap Summer Sandals-Miss Sixty-10SD. I was looking all over for some sandals, and thought these were perfect. With the whiteness added to the outfit, it gives it that coulor splash that all outfit needs, however Miss Sixty has other perfect sandals to make the outfit complete!
Spring Floral Shades-8SD-Spectacular- The clues in the name, floral is 2011 fashion and completes any outfit whatever. When having these lasses while wearing that outfit, it gives it that certain feeling of summers here which we all adore!
Last but not least, add a splash of Light Pink Nail Polish, at a cost of 10SD.
Price altogether: 45SD.

That's all for now,
Josee xxx

50% off PPQ sale for Royalty

Stardoll are doing a half price sale of PPQ for Royalties only.

Hmm. I have no doubts there will be a lot of controversy with this..
It's rather strange though as the newest collection hasn't long been out.

What are your views on this?

xo Cathy / kitkatty101

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Shop Spoiler

Here are some new (or, should I say, old) items that are coming to Starplaza Archive.

Doll Release - Danielle Campbell

Danielle Campbell is best known for her role as Jessica Olson in the 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie Starstruck.
Campbell was discovered in a hair salon in Chicago. She got her first big break as a guest star on Prison Break appearing in four episodes. She also appeared in a nationwide commercial for Build-A-Bear Workshop and played the character of Darla in the 2008 movie The Poker House. In 2010, she appeared in the Disney television movie Starstruck, and has signed a development deal with the company. On April 29th, 2011, she will appear as Simone Daniels in the movie Prom.

Source: Wikipedia


There weren't many spoilers today, but this is what I got.

The orange dress is free if you are from the Netherlands (you'll need a proxy otherwise, but personally I don't like using them) and the other stuff is to replicate Kate Middleton's dress for the Royal Wedding.

xo Cathy/ kitkatty101

Friday, 29 April 2011


Hi, welcome to Stardoll Unmasked!

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