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kitkatty101 / Cathy

Founder / Updates Editor

.RainbowDot. / Georgina
About me:
Hey Guys. Well my name is Georgina Louise _____. I don’t mind my first name, but I hate my last  don’t know why, just do. I have natural brown hair, brown eyes, (Wish I had blonde hair and blue eyes.) and a olive coloured skin, but in the Summer I get quite tanned. I am quite small for my age, will is okay most the  Get load’s of piggy back’s and all that. My friend introduced me to Stardoll in 2006, then I started a account (Not The same one as .RainbowDot.) I then joined ‘FashionClub’ I was never Superstar, and people there thought they should ignore me, so I got bored. I left Stardoll for age’s, but then I made another account .RainbowDot. I still knew what to do, so I joined ‘Fashionista’ straight  and are still there today, and now I could never leave. In school I’m shy, but when I want to I am confident. I guess I get shy around all the ‘Popular’ people. I constantly worrying about how I look and what people think about me, but in Fashionista.2 I can be myself. 

xxDemi84xx / Domii
Fashion Writer
fizzpixel / Olivia
About me:
Well the names Olivia. I joined stardoll in 08/09. I have green/blueish eyes, dirty blonde/light brown hair, naturally tanned skin and I'm quite tall for my age. I love music, I don't honestly know what I would do with out it. Thats pretty much all I think :]

RouletteStar / Josee

-Zozzy- / Rachel
Fashion Editor

Dancaholic98 / Rachel