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July Hot Buys:

I absolutely love the jewelry, shoes, bag and jacket!
How about you?

Significant Updates
Pet-a-porter pets grow up for the last time
Game Trophies

New Shop Releases
LE (no info available)
Evening Falls Fashion (no info available)
Film Theory


June Hot Buys:

Wow.. especially the shoes.

Significant Updates
Beach Villa (no info available)
Full Screen Suite (no info available)
Convert Starcoins->Stardollars (no info available)
Convert Stardollars -> Starcoins (only on certain days)
Reserve items in StarBazaar
Designs sold for SC

New Shop Releases
Yves Saint Laurent (no info available)
Riviera (no info available)
Golden Sands (no info available)
Fantasy Hotel (no info available)
Alice + Olivia (no info available)
Versus: Versace (no info available)


May Hot Buys:

These are this month's Hot Buys. I will definitely buy the headpiece :]
The shoes are nice too.. I don't really like the shorts though.

Here are the dates that they will come out:

Hotbuys Ruffle Dress - 12th of May
Hotbuys Hair Decoration - 3rd of May
Hotbuys Bow Shirt - 20th of May
Hotbuys Shoes - 16th of May
Hotbuys Shorts - 9th of May
Hotbuys Top - 31st of May
Hotbuys Dress - 27th of May
Hotbuys Bag - 24th of May
Hotbuys Skirt - 15th of May
Hotbuys Swimsuit - 6th of May

What do you think?

Significant Updates

New Shop Releases

Starplaza Archive
Evening Falls
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