Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What to wear with: Bonjour Bizou DIY Slashed Pants

Hii, it's Josee here, and I will be taking you through an outfit with what you can wear with a DIY Slashed Pants, which are 8SD. Here is something you can wear with them:

In my opinion, I really love this outfit. The One Shoulder Tee With Belt is from Miss sixty, with a label of 16SD. I think it underlayers the pants well.
Then we have the 90's Bag from Miss Sixty also, which is 18SD. I feel that the bag gives the outfit that hint of retro in it.
Last but not least, we have the Voile Party Shoes, which are very cheap; 5SD to be exact. The little detail on the front I think is very nice, and I think it goes well with this outfit.
Total SD's: 47SD. Alright price!
Overall, I would wear this outfit, in real and on here.
That's all for now,
Josee xx

Monday, 16 May 2011

25% off Sale in Sunny Bunny Kloz

As the title says, there is a sale in Sunny Bunny Kloz.

I don't like many of these clothes anyway, but will you buy anything?

xo Cathy / kitkatty101

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Beach Villa

Sorry about the lack of recent posts.. Blogger has been down ¬¬

Anyway, remember those weird messages we got from Stardoll? (Read our post here)
Turns out it's about some sort of 'Beach Villa'. Sometimes when you sign in you will see a video.

I don't yet know what it's about - something to do with your suite - but Callie.Stardoll but this on her presentation:

'Have you SEEN the amazing introduction to the Beach Villa? It's amazing. Makes me want to dip my toes in the clear blue waters...'

Hmm. I'll keep you updated. ;D
xo Cathy / kitkatty101

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Scammers - Your opinion ?

Ok, so knowing me & my luck , I was scammed during a trade yesterday, RIGHT before they brought in the reserve thingy. Damn!

Moving on, I was trading my account Prettygirl4evah with Ookladookla , for the first season DKNY headband & 2 HBs. We made a deal for me to buy HB number 1 and the headband first.
I bought the HB, but quick as a flash! Someone bought the headband.

All night yesterday me and Ookladookla tried to get it back. Of course, if you saw DKNY for 1sd you'd buy it right ? But you have to consider - was this person in the middle of a trade ? Obviously!

Sorry if my posts are very opinionated and boring, Ill try post better stuff after!

-Dancaholic98 x

The Auto-Reply video

It turns out, stardoll are making or releasing a new room , or suite. As I logged in earlier today I noticed a video popped up on my screen showing me a video to do with the weird messages a few of us have been getting labled ''You have (1) new message''. I was just thinking though that we may have to pay for it, or it may only be for superstars, but none of us know yet.

~Olivia / fizzpixel


Wow. Stardoll have introduced a new currency.
Normally I wouldn't go writing a whole full article about an update, but in this case I will, because, in my opinion, this is completely pointless.

As with all debates you need to keep it balanced and state the pros and cons.. personally I think there a lot more bad points than there are advantages. I will explain why;
  • 40 coins a day.
Yes, well, you may argue that is a vast improvement on the previous 5sd you earnt for Play & Earn, but, in case you didn't know, ten Starcoins = one stardollar. Look at it now. So, effectively you are earning less that you did before. Okay, maybe only one stardollar, but this is the point I am trying to make. By making it seem like you are earning more this makes people praise this new scheme without realising Stardoll's game. And, in addition, this can only be used to purchase non-ss items.

  • You can convert your Stardollars into Starcoins.
But not the other way round. You can convert them on this page. This comes with a 10% commisioning fee for prior Superstars, whatever that means, but probably the fact that Stardoll gets some of your sd should you do this. -_____________-
In Starplaza you can only buy non-ss items with Starcoins. So basically you have to work your butt off to get an item that isn't even worth that much?
It's the equivilent price to what it was before when it was all priced with Stardollars. So what is the point of that??

  • You keep the coins you earn. (max.1000)
This is one feature I agree with, but you didn't ever hear of any complaints regarding P&E, did you? So why the sudden change?

To be honest I don't want to go into full depths with this because my hands will hurt. But I have to say this is - to me - completely pointless and stupid.
If you are against this and have real reasons to say that it is in fact a good thing comment this and I might edit this post. But I'm sticking by what I say for now.


You can now reserve items for your friends, which is a good feature. But non-ss items are charged with Starcoins. This is a huge problem for some because old DKNY was in fact non-ss to buy, and the most sc you can sell stuff for is 500. That means a piece of rare first season DKNY can only be sold for 50sd. Do you get it?

It is now available for everyone and you can recycle more than one thing at a time. BUT ss items = 1sd and non-ss items = 1sc.
Now, I don't know about you but I wouldn't recycle ss things.. I'd rather sell them for a more significant amount of money.

xo Cathy / kitkatty101
PS. I haven't included photos as you can probably all see for yourself. :3
PPS. Why didn't Stardoll run this as a test to see what we thought first???

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

NEW Super Supreme

Stardoll have released five new floors of Super Supreme, the theme being 'puns'. For example, 'Justin Beaver' and 'Jessica Albatross'.

Prices range from 40-80sd.
Which ones will you buy?

UPDATE: Kitty Purry and Miss Gaga sold out.

xo Cathy / kitkatty101

Monday, 9 May 2011

Strange Messages...

Yes, well I'm pretty sure everyone has received this message..

There was a lot of speculation at what this may be about. I've heard different ideas such as a new store, free stuff, etc..
And then we received this one.

These messages were simply entitled with 'You have (1) New Message'.
Well. What do you think this is about? Because I have no idea. :L

xo Cathy / kitkatty101

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I put up the new banner.

You like?

xoxo R

Big trends with Rachel/-Zozzy-

Hey there, I'm Rachel, aka -Zozzy-. I'm your official fashion editor her in SDU. I'm here to bring you ideas and examples of the latest trends straight off the catwalk.

First off, a trend that is growing on me in leaps and bounds is wide legged trousers. These sophisticated hunks of cloth can be worn in many different ways, giving an air of riviera, or 50's glamour. I can almost see the wide brimmed hats and oversized sunglasses as I speak.

This trend has been spotted in many new collections, such as Red Valentino, which included this gorgeous pair of white wide legged beauties.

 Yum yum. There is an abundance of wide legged trousers over in Stardoll. I found these cropped black ones in Killah for $26 They go beautifully with some clogs and a boxy blazer, don't you think?

 Or why not try a Mary Karantzou-esque pair. Florals/geometric pattern combos are a huge trend which doesn't seem to be dying down. It brings a more relaxed, Sunday afternoon feel.

This is a very Love/Hate trend, but I think i'm head over heels.

For next time... xoxo R

Tutorial updates...

So, I made a youtube account it's called SDUtutorials

And We'll be making tutorials about makeup, presentations and anything you want :D
The videos will also be posted here :)


Saturday, 7 May 2011

About spoilers..

For some reason, my spoilers link hasn't been working. o.o
I'll soon find an alternative and I'll keep you updated about new spoilers to come ;D

xo Cathy / kitkatty101

Thursday, 5 May 2011

'Latest Stardoll' - Jaimie Alexander.

Hey Guys. So I am going to just write a quick post about The 'Latest Stardoll' which just means a dress up, for those who are not sure.

Jaimie Alexander is a american actress, who has been acting for 2004 to present day. She is best known for portraying Jessi on a televsision sersies 'Kyle XY' and Sif in a 2001 superhero movie 'Thor.'

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cinco de Mayo celebration

Stardoll are offering 10% extra stardollars for Superstar upgrades on top of the 50% extra offer on Stardollar purchases.

There's also a new interior in the Suite Shop, which is the same as the picture above.

Your views?

xo Cathy / kitkatty101

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

April HotBuy Dress :]

Helloo Again ;] I decided to put the April Hotbuys Dress (20SD) with some black tights from Fallen Angel (3SD), a Baby Phat bag (6SD), Voile Heels (5SD)

Total cost: 34SD :]


Popular May HotBuy - How to wear it.

Hey Guys, Well as some of you might know a Hot Buy came out today (May the 3rd) and Is already very popular. Its simply called 'Hot Buys Hairdecoration' costing 9 Stardollars. It look's like this :

If You don't like Big 'In Your Face' Head piece's in real, the possibilitie's are that you won't like this. Me Myself, aren't keen on Big head piece's in real, but I quite like this one. The Pink Is great for a girly look in Summer Or Spring. It would look good with a nice Babydoll dress, and some flat shoes (Real and Stardoll.)

Those are some Idea's..

Or You can even where the April Hotbuys's dress..

You might want to add some belts, accessorie's, jacket's ect.. To finish of the look.

Bye For Now Guy's.
- Georgina.

**New Competition**

There is a new competition we will be running soon, but in order for it to work we need MORE FOLLOWERS!
We need you to help us get more widespread so this can become a more well known blog, meaning we will be able to introduce this competition.

For details on the competition go to the Competitions tab.

Thanks for your help - it is much appreciated!!

xo ..the SDU team.. ox

50% Extra Stardollars

I'm sure you all got this in mail:

You get 50% extra stardollars when you top up. I think it should be when you upgrade to Superstar as well :/
It's only valid until May 5th.
Will you take advantage of this offer?

xo Cathy / kitkatty101

Adopt the Przewalski Horse

 This horse is the newest addition to the Endangered Species campaign. You can adopt him by clicking HERE.

'Przewalski's horses have never been tamed for riding. They are the last truly wild horse in existence today. They were listed as extinct in the wild until 2008. However, successful reintroductions have moved them to the critically endangered list.'

xo Cathy / kitkatty101

FA surveys - Good, Bad or downright Sad ?

First of all, I'd like to say that this is my first post here whooooo!

Anyways, moving on.. :P

Ah yes. The FA surveys, the surveys that seem to happen every week. First it was the FAinsider, now another account ?

* The Good side - they let FAers know what they're doing right and wrong. The give us a chance to show our true feelings on FA. We all have to admit this - we are disliked by at least 1 FAer - but who ? This is your time to find out.

*The Bad side - they cause alot of arguments in FA. They make FAers feel bad - or even, bigheaded. One is enough - but 5 ? Stop trying to act mysterious - alot of us have had enough FAsurvey people.

*The Sad side - Is the creator of the survey someone disliked/well liked ? What if they practically KNOW theyre names gonna be on most of the questions - They'll just go ahead and moan/brag about it. Or is it someone looking for attention ? Someone unknown maybe ? You have to think about these things.

Please comment on YOUR opinion on all this. And remember, add me/mail me on Dancaholic98 with your email address so you can write for which is a blog for all FAers to post their thoughts & opinions on things!


p.s - I may make myself a personal banner x]

Monday, 2 May 2011

Whats Hot and Not: Part 3: April's Hotbuys

The Hotbuys Flower Dress from Pretty n' Love (20SD) looks really well. I put the dress with just some casual black shoes from Baby Phat (Baby Phat - Casual Loafers - 6 SD)

The Hotbuys Garter Tank (18SD) from Bonjour Bizou looks well aswell. I put the top with Tammy Trousers from Miss Sixty (22SD), the same flars I put with the dress above (Baby Phat- Casual Loafers - 6SD) and a Fallen Angel top (4SD).

Total cost^^: 50 SD

Hot or Not Part 2: Spring 2011 Trends

So I decided to continue on Josee's post so this season's trends :

Hot- Denim Trousers Not- Jeggins.

I love my jeggings, but I know that many people will be rejoicing because it looks like jeggings will be taking a back seat to denim trousers. Denim trousers can be pretty darn flattering on most women. Say bye bye to low rise jeans that bare your butt and opt for denim trousers that have a higher waist.

Hot- Honeysuckle Not-Turquoise

Honeysuckle will be the "it" color this year. The great thing about honeysuckle is that it is very wearable for men and women, and it compliments a wide variety of skin tones. Red and pinks are the perfect way to wake up a stale winter wardrobe and will look smoking hot once the warmer weather rolls around and you have that summer glow.

Hot- Bell Bottoms Not- Skinny Jeans
Now that Skinny Jeans are a staple in everyone's warderobe (all of my friends have at least a pair)
It's time to take pants in a different direction. Many people may think that bell bottoms are only for people 'from the 70's' But You can get some amazing looks with them Also They're much more comfy.

Hot- Full Skirts Not- Mini Skirts

Thank goodness mini skirts are taking a hike. Full skirts are the key trend this year. Full skirts are definitely not for everyone. If you are full through the waist, a full skirt may overpower your frame. Full skirts look great when you can accentuate your middle and are paired with a simple top. From pants to skirts, it seems like the bigger the better this year

Hope you enjoyes the post :D
You can also find most of the clothes on stardoll- I'll do that in the next post :]
Bye for now ;D


What's hot and whats not!

Hey! It's Josee here, and I am going to do a whats not and whats not on real life and on stardoll! Enjoy!
First, whats hot on stardoll?: This dress is perfect for the sun and has lovely coulors, which give it the vibrant feeling.

What's not: This outfit from Baby Phat. All the Embroided details on it are so not 2011. However, I guess the hangbag is alright. Also, the trousers look very baggy(in a bad way)with this outfit.

What's Hot In Real:
This dress and those ruffles at the front are beautiful, proving that this was made for 2011. Also, at the back, there is this adorable little loop showing a bit of your skin, with a little bit of the material to do a bow up at the front. Also, blue is very in!
What's not hot in real:
Okay, EWEWEWEWEW! I guess they're okaif you're 78! It's so not in right now, it was in in the 1800's, ladies. In 2011, we use proper denim not imitation denim like this. And those shoes, errr.. Were not in the cowboy times! Overall, not nice things.

That's all for now, Josee xx :]


So I'm assuming you get all this purple stuff free if you are a member of Dove Club. I don't know what the horse is for though.

 Also, there is a new 'Steampunk' collection of Evening Falls in Decor soon:

Hmm. I don't think I'll be buying any of this.
But what do you think?

xo Cathy / kitkatty101

Doll Release - Elsa Billgren

Elsa Billgren , born February 1st 1986 , is a Swedish former presenter / reporter for ZTV . She also works as a shop assistant in Stockholm. From the tenth season of Antiques Investigators (2010) involved with her ​​to look for vintage finds in 2011 involved Elsa Billgren as host of SVT humors Have you heard it before .
She is the daughter of artist Ernst and Helene Billgren.

Source: Wikipedia

Real Life Outfits On Stardoll.

Hey Guys, This is Georgina. This is actually my first post, since I have only just thought about a idea. So as the title says I am going to show you real outfits, on stardoll.



Which is your favourite from the above?

Be posting more soon,

Sunday, 1 May 2011

New Items in Starplaza Archive

If you haven't seen already, there are some new (or old) items in Starplaza Archive.

Have a look and see what you like ;)

xo Cathy / kitkatty101

May Hotbuys

I've just noticed that Stardoll have realeased the May Hotbuy's. I personally think there is some nice items there. Tell us what you think in comments below ;]

Hotbuys Ruffle Dress - 12th of May
Hotbuys Hair Decoration - 3rd of May
Hotbuys Bow Shirt -  20th of May
Hotbuys Shoes - 16th of May
Hotbuys Shorts - 9th of May
Hotbuys Top - 31st of May
Hotbuys Dress - 27th of May
Hotbuys Bag - 24th of May
Hotbuys Skirt - 15th of May
Hotbuys Swimsuit - 6th of May