Saturday, 30 April 2011

Summer outfit you can buy NOW!

Hey! It's Josee here, and I am just going to go through this basic Summer outfit I created in the Starplaza. Hope you enjoy it!

Glitter Tank Top-Rio-3SD. This top gives the outfit that sparkly affect, perfect for when in the sun as the -glitter reflects.
DIY Cut Off Shorts-Bizou-5SD. With these shorts, I think they underlayer the top perfectly and give the outfit that basic effect.
Stardoll Bangles-Stardoll-3SD. These bangles complete the color mix-match with the shiny metallic. Just that little detail makes the rest of the outfit complete.
Checked Tote Bag-Bizou-6SD. This checked bag gives that summer impression of going to the beach and goes well with the outfit.
Multi-Strap Summer Sandals-Miss Sixty-10SD. I was looking all over for some sandals, and thought these were perfect. With the whiteness added to the outfit, it gives it that coulor splash that all outfit needs, however Miss Sixty has other perfect sandals to make the outfit complete!
Spring Floral Shades-8SD-Spectacular- The clues in the name, floral is 2011 fashion and completes any outfit whatever. When having these lasses while wearing that outfit, it gives it that certain feeling of summers here which we all adore!
Last but not least, add a splash of Light Pink Nail Polish, at a cost of 10SD.
Price altogether: 45SD.

That's all for now,
Josee xxx

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