Thursday, 28 July 2011

Shake It Up Outfits

As Most Of You know, The SIU Clothes came out a while ago Click HERE to get them in your dressing room , I personally Like most of them, here's a few outfits:

SIU Striped and Camo dress- 2 sd's
SIU white tights-  40 sc's
SIU brown hightop shoes-78 sc's
SIU Black Studded Belt- 68 sc's
SIU Gray Vest- 76 sc's
SIU ruffles vest- 6 sd's

SIU Striped Cropped Jacket- 104 sc's
Fudge Flounce Top- 50 sc's
SIU White Torn Jeans- 80 sc's
SIU colorsplash boots - 8 sd's

SIU Black Holey T-shirt- 74 sc's
SIU Checkered red shirt- 98 sc's
SIU colorsplash skirt- 5 sd's
SIU Brown Cargopants-3 sd's
SIU Brown Leather Shoes- 68 sc's

SIU Cropped Pink Jacket-98 sc's
SIU Striped Buttoned Top- 92 sc's
Basics White Tube Top- 30 sc's
SIU Striped Skirt- 66 sc's
SIU Black Holey Tights- 78 sc's
SIU Black Hightop Shoes- 88 sc's

SIU Sequined Vest-4sd's
SIU Green Top- 82 sc's
SIU Pink Shorts- 66 sc's
SIU Brown Socks- 36 sc's
SIU Colorsplash Boots- 8 sd's

SIU Gray Vest- 76 sc's
SIU Lips Tanktop- 58 sc's
SIU Sheer Pink Skirt- 88 sc's
SIU Pink Glitter Tights- 4 sd's
SIU Brown Laced Shoes- 68 sd's

Hope You liked it :]



  1. can you please give me a link to buy it because i cant find the shake it up store please it would really help :)

  2. Comment avoir les bottes marron de la 3 ème image ?