Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Wow. Stardoll have introduced a new currency.
Normally I wouldn't go writing a whole full article about an update, but in this case I will, because, in my opinion, this is completely pointless.

As with all debates you need to keep it balanced and state the pros and cons.. personally I think there a lot more bad points than there are advantages. I will explain why;
  • 40 coins a day.
Yes, well, you may argue that is a vast improvement on the previous 5sd you earnt for Play & Earn, but, in case you didn't know, ten Starcoins = one stardollar. Look at it now. So, effectively you are earning less that you did before. Okay, maybe only one stardollar, but this is the point I am trying to make. By making it seem like you are earning more this makes people praise this new scheme without realising Stardoll's game. And, in addition, this can only be used to purchase non-ss items.

  • You can convert your Stardollars into Starcoins.
But not the other way round. You can convert them on this page. This comes with a 10% commisioning fee for prior Superstars, whatever that means, but probably the fact that Stardoll gets some of your sd should you do this. -_____________-
In Starplaza you can only buy non-ss items with Starcoins. So basically you have to work your butt off to get an item that isn't even worth that much?
It's the equivilent price to what it was before when it was all priced with Stardollars. So what is the point of that??

  • You keep the coins you earn. (max.1000)
This is one feature I agree with, but you didn't ever hear of any complaints regarding P&E, did you? So why the sudden change?

To be honest I don't want to go into full depths with this because my hands will hurt. But I have to say this is - to me - completely pointless and stupid.
If you are against this and have real reasons to say that it is in fact a good thing comment this and I might edit this post. But I'm sticking by what I say for now.


You can now reserve items for your friends, which is a good feature. But non-ss items are charged with Starcoins. This is a huge problem for some because old DKNY was in fact non-ss to buy, and the most sc you can sell stuff for is 500. That means a piece of rare first season DKNY can only be sold for 50sd. Do you get it?

It is now available for everyone and you can recycle more than one thing at a time. BUT ss items = 1sd and non-ss items = 1sc.
Now, I don't know about you but I wouldn't recycle ss things.. I'd rather sell them for a more significant amount of money.

xo Cathy / kitkatty101
PS. I haven't included photos as you can probably all see for yourself. :3
PPS. Why didn't Stardoll run this as a test to see what we thought first???

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