Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Popular May HotBuy - How to wear it.

Hey Guys, Well as some of you might know a Hot Buy came out today (May the 3rd) and Is already very popular. Its simply called 'Hot Buys Hairdecoration' costing 9 Stardollars. It look's like this :

If You don't like Big 'In Your Face' Head piece's in real, the possibilitie's are that you won't like this. Me Myself, aren't keen on Big head piece's in real, but I quite like this one. The Pink Is great for a girly look in Summer Or Spring. It would look good with a nice Babydoll dress, and some flat shoes (Real and Stardoll.)

Those are some Idea's..

Or You can even where the April Hotbuys's dress..

You might want to add some belts, accessorie's, jacket's ect.. To finish of the look.

Bye For Now Guy's.
- Georgina.

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