Sunday, 1 May 2011

Denim Skirts

Hey, It's Domii.
This is going to be about How to wear denim skirts... I chose a short-ish OTTO Denim skirt, It costs 6 stardollars and is available for Non-Superstars.
You can wear it with anything!

Here's a few outfits:
To Make this outfit you need
OTTO Denim Miniskirt - 6 stardollars
OTTO Ruffle Side Tank - 9 stardollars
                                      RIO Tina Leggins- 5 stardollars (Superstar) but you can use tights instead :]
            MT Black Anckle booties- 8 stardollars (Superstar) Again you can use something else if your non-ss

                                                                  Total:  28 stardollars

For This outfit you need:
OTTO Denim miniskirt-  6 stardollars
Basics Beige tube top- 4 stardollars
Stardoll wild knitted sweater- 5 stardollars
Stardoll Boyfriend Jacket-4 stardollars
Fallen Angel Black Pantyhose- 3 stardollars
OTTO Cowboy boots -3 stardollars

             Total: 25 stardollars.

Hope you Enjoyed it :D


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