Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Scammers - Your opinion ?

Ok, so knowing me & my luck , I was scammed during a trade yesterday, RIGHT before they brought in the reserve thingy. Damn!

Moving on, I was trading my account Prettygirl4evah with Ookladookla , for the first season DKNY headband & 2 HBs. We made a deal for me to buy HB number 1 and the headband first.
I bought the HB, but quick as a flash! Someone bought the headband.

All night yesterday me and Ookladookla tried to get it back. Of course, if you saw DKNY for 1sd you'd buy it right ? But you have to consider - was this person in the middle of a trade ? Obviously!

Sorry if my posts are very opinionated and boring, Ill try post better stuff after!

-Dancaholic98 x

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