Monday, 2 May 2011

What's hot and whats not!

Hey! It's Josee here, and I am going to do a whats not and whats not on real life and on stardoll! Enjoy!
First, whats hot on stardoll?: This dress is perfect for the sun and has lovely coulors, which give it the vibrant feeling.

What's not: This outfit from Baby Phat. All the Embroided details on it are so not 2011. However, I guess the hangbag is alright. Also, the trousers look very baggy(in a bad way)with this outfit.

What's Hot In Real:
This dress and those ruffles at the front are beautiful, proving that this was made for 2011. Also, at the back, there is this adorable little loop showing a bit of your skin, with a little bit of the material to do a bow up at the front. Also, blue is very in!
What's not hot in real:
Okay, EWEWEWEWEW! I guess they're okaif you're 78! It's so not in right now, it was in in the 1800's, ladies. In 2011, we use proper denim not imitation denim like this. And those shoes, errr.. Were not in the cowboy times! Overall, not nice things.

That's all for now, Josee xx :]

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