Monday, 2 May 2011

Hot or Not Part 2: Spring 2011 Trends

So I decided to continue on Josee's post so this season's trends :

Hot- Denim Trousers Not- Jeggins.

I love my jeggings, but I know that many people will be rejoicing because it looks like jeggings will be taking a back seat to denim trousers. Denim trousers can be pretty darn flattering on most women. Say bye bye to low rise jeans that bare your butt and opt for denim trousers that have a higher waist.

Hot- Honeysuckle Not-Turquoise

Honeysuckle will be the "it" color this year. The great thing about honeysuckle is that it is very wearable for men and women, and it compliments a wide variety of skin tones. Red and pinks are the perfect way to wake up a stale winter wardrobe and will look smoking hot once the warmer weather rolls around and you have that summer glow.

Hot- Bell Bottoms Not- Skinny Jeans
Now that Skinny Jeans are a staple in everyone's warderobe (all of my friends have at least a pair)
It's time to take pants in a different direction. Many people may think that bell bottoms are only for people 'from the 70's' But You can get some amazing looks with them Also They're much more comfy.

Hot- Full Skirts Not- Mini Skirts

Thank goodness mini skirts are taking a hike. Full skirts are the key trend this year. Full skirts are definitely not for everyone. If you are full through the waist, a full skirt may overpower your frame. Full skirts look great when you can accentuate your middle and are paired with a simple top. From pants to skirts, it seems like the bigger the better this year

Hope you enjoyes the post :D
You can also find most of the clothes on stardoll- I'll do that in the next post :]
Bye for now ;D


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